Teagan’s Fundraising Cycle wins her “Young Bright Person’s Award”

During  the ” Covid 19 Lockdown” that started in March 2020, all riding stopped at South Bucks RDA. Teagan really missed her riding and was worried that her favourite ponies might not get enough food as the centre was no longer getting income from riding.

Teagan had recently started to learn how to ride a bike so with the support of her brothers, sister and parents she decided to cycle around the Farnham area to raise funds for the group.

Teagan hoped to raise about £200 towards food for the ponies. She made sure that everyone she passed knew that she was riding for South Bucks RDA, by wearing her group top. By the end of her  two week venture she had cycled 70 km and raised over £1200. Teagan’s efforts are greatly appreciated. She is, now, despite her  dyspraxia and learning difficulties, now quite a strong cyclist!

Her efforts have been justly rewarded by  being nominated for and winning the “Young Bright Person’s Award“, from the National RDA organisation for someone who has gone above and beyond during the COVID 19 lockdown.

Well done Teagan and thank you from all at South Bucks RDA.

Theresa Drake