Regional Show Qualifiers

This year the Regional Show on 17th May will be held at a different venue, Wellington Riding, near Basingstoke. We have hosted the show at South Bucks for 10 years and the Regional Committee decided that another venue would now be appropriate. This means that we will have to hire a lorry and travel the horses and ponies. It also means that the volunteers will have to be up even earlier than usual to get the horses ready. We will not be able to have so many horses and ponies competing at the show as last year, as we are limited to the size of horse transport we can hire. To help decide who will go forward to compete at the Regional Show we will hold qualifiers for the Countryside Challenge on 14th and 15th March. Those riders who want to be considered for a dressage place need to contact Richard, the stable manager directly.

Our Group Qualifiers will be held during normal class times, over the 14th and 15th March and, as in previous years, this will be held as a league, with places in each class and then the riders with the highest percentages will be put forward to compete at the show on Sunday 17th May. Good luck to all.


This year will be an expensive one for the group as we are going to have two major building projects and extra show transport costs, with each daytrip in a lorry costing around £500.

We need to repair the roof of the main stable and kitchen area, as it is over 30 years old and the fabric is becoming fragile; also the side stalls will need a new concrete base and rubber matting. This big project will cost the group around £20,000. We are looking to all members of the group to help to raise these funds. So, if you want to do a sponsored run or walk, or know someone who does, run a car-boot stall, hold a coffee morning etc. please let Gina in the office know.

A big thank you goes to the Orchard Dance Academy who held a collection during their recent dance show at the Beck Theatre and raised £400 for the group. We are very grateful to the Academy for their continued support of SBRDA.