TuesdayWith no ponies and horses there would be no South Bucks RDA Group.

Horses and ponies are very expensive to purchase, as well as to keep and look after. We, however, have often been in the very fortunate position of having being given suitable horses and ponies. Some have come to the Group on permanent or temporary loan – and, in some cases, we have been given donations with which to buy them.

Our horses and ponies are all very different shapes and sizes, and come in all colours (including ones which seem to be grass-stained and muddy, no matter how often they’re groomed and bathed). However, from our smallest pony to one of our international standard dressage horses, they all share something special…

…the willingness to work with riders of all abilities.

With this essential RDA foundation in place, we build on our horses’ and ponies’ keen and good-natured temperament with regular and progressive schooling. By ensuring our horses and ponies enjoy interesting and varied work, they pay us back fully, by allowing us to offer high-quality professional coaching, to help our riders move towards meeting their own goals.

Our excellent ponies and horses are one of our key assets – as well as being much-loved four-legged friends.

Horses and Ponies Currently working at South Bucks RDA

Forrester : (Millersford Forrester) born 1993, 13.2 hh Chestnut New Forest Pony.


(Millersford Forrester) born 1993, 13.2 hh Chestnut New Forest Pony.

Owned by SBRDA. Forrester joined the group in 1999 and is a firm favourite with all who ride him. He was the first pony at SBRDA that Sophie Christiansen OBE and  Natasha Baker MBE Paralympic medallists competed on at  National Competition level. He is at home with both dressage and countryside challenge activities.

Bruce :


Bruce aka "Ukardo" is a Dutch Warmblood. He is our largest horse standing at 17 hands. He is used by our taller more independent riders.

Mable : (Criminal Girl), 16hh Bay Mare.


(Criminal Girl), 16hh Bay Mare.

Mable (Criminal Girl) is a lovely natured school mistress who took her owner, Jackie Gower,  to medium level competition.

She is able to educate our more able riders yet look after those that are starting out on their riding story.

Wolfie : (Prince Charming),  born 1997, 15hh Chestnut Gelding.


(Prince Charming), born 1997, 15hh Chestnut Gelding.

Owned by SBRDA. Wolfie (Prince Charming) joined SBRDA in 2009.  He is a school master, having been a Pony CLub dressage pony.  He likes to show more able riders what he knows, but also looks after those just starting out on their riding journey.

He enjoys taking riders through the woods nearby.

Pip :


Pip is a 13.2hh  bay show pony. He joined the group in 2019. He is 12. He came from the north of England. Pip enjoys being made a fuss of and loves his outings with the fundraising team where he can say hi to lots of children.


Billy : (Rainbow), 15hh Black Section D Welsh Cob Gelding.


(Rainbow), 15hh Black Section D Welsh Cob Gelding.

Owned by SBRDA (via the Rainbow Children’s Trust).

Billy (Rainbow) joined us in 2017.  he is our newest team member, a stunning Welsh Cob.

He has been in training for 6 months and during that time has been hacked out by our volunteer instructors, meeting people, dogs and other hazards in the local environment.  He will start his work in classes this year.

Billy G :

Billy G

Billy joined the SBRDA team of horses in 2018. He is on loan from the Gardner family, where he was actively involved in pony club activities. He is a grey 14.1hh Connemara Pony.

Freddy :


Freddy is our youngest recruit, joining us from Somerset where he lived with a herd of cows. He is currently learning how to be an RDA pony. He is very inquisitive. In January 22 he join in his first lesson with a young disabled rider.

Duke :


Duke was bought by the group in 2019. He is a 14.0hh piebald cob. Though small he can carry some of our bigger riders. He loves to go hacking around the fields and in the woods.

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