Safeguarding Adults at Risk



Abuse is a violation of an individuals human and civil rights; it can take many forms. the staff and volunteers at South Bucks RDA are committed to practices which promote the welfare of Adults at Risk and safeguard them from harm.

Staff and volunteers in our organisation accept and recognise our responsibilities to develop awareness of the issues that cause an Adult at Risk harm, and to establish and maintain a safe environment for them. We will not tolerate any form of abuse wherever it occurs, or whoever is responsible. We are committed to promoting an atmosphere of inclusion, transparency and openness and are open to feedback from the people who use our services, carers, advocates, our staff and our volunteers with a view to how we may continuously improve our services/ activities.

In pursuit of this SBRDA will endeavour to safeguard Adults at Risk by:

  • Adhering to our safeguarding adults at risk policy and ensuring that it is supported by robust procedures;
  • Implementing clear procedures for raising awareness of, and responding to, abuse within the organisation and for reporting concerns to statutory agencies that need to know, while involving carers and Adults at Risk appropriately;
  • Ensuring general safety and risk management procedures are adhered to;
  • Ensuring all trustees, employees and volunteers report any concerns with regards to the protection of Adults at Risk. It is the responsibility of experts to determine whether or not abuse has taken place, but is is everyone’s responsibility to report any concerns;
  • Implementing a code of behaviour for all involved with the organisation;
  • Appointing designated trustees or delegated volunteers/employees to be the Group safeguarding Officer.
  • Ensuring appropriate training is attended by Safeguarding Officers and other relevant staff or volunteers.

As defined by the 1997 Consultation “Who Cares” an adult at risk is someone “who is, or may be, in need of community care services by reason of disability, age or illness; and is or may be unable to take care, or unable to protect him or herself against significant harm or exploitation”. This definition of an adult covers all people over 18 years of age.

The policies and procedures apply to everyone  within SBRDA, whether in a paid or voluntary capacity, including trustees, committee members, contractors, and participants. Everyone should be aware of safeguarding procedures and best practises.

Therefore we have minimum standards in place and SBRDA has

  • A safeguarding policy which is in line with RDAUK’s requirements
  • A designated safeguarding officer – Theresa Drake (
  • A safe recruitment process in place including volunteer application forms, the collection of two references and disclosure checks at the appropriate level for those who require them
  • A clear and robust responding and reporting procedure for indicators or allegations of abuse or poor practice
  • Ensure all Safeguarding Officers and Coaches attend a recognised safeguarding workshop with refresher training taken every 3 years.