Previous Horses and Ponies

We have been privileged in the 50+ year history of the group to have owned, been given and had on loan many wonderful horses and ponies. 

George (Deards Foreman)

15hh Bay Irish Cob Gelding

George is now living a life of luxury in a private home as a riding club alrounder.


Chorus (Charm)

15hh Grey Connemara Gelding, born 2009.

Chorus has retired from ridden work and is living a relaxed life as a companion horse


Bruce (Aka Ukardo)

Bruce was a handsome black 16.3hh KWPN Warmblood Gelding.  As he was so tall, he had long legs and a very long stride.  You did not need to go to the Gym if you were leading Bruce – he gave you a very effective “workout” in the School.  We shall remember him with love and thanks for the years of service he gave to his many riders.  He was safe, reliable, kind and versatile and equally suitable for use with a 6 foot rider working independently or a small person learning to perfect their skills on the lead rein.  He was a very special member of the SB team of Schoolmasters who will be sadly missed by all who loved him.


Forrester (Millersford Forrester)  

Forrester gave numerous children their first experience of competition riding.  He has an impressive record of achievements and partnered disabled riders at all levels.  He won the very first National Countryside Challenge Championship but was equally happy to participate in Fancy Dress, Handy Pony, Music or Dressage competitions.  For many years and with many different riders he won or was placed at National level, and in 2007 won the Para Equestrian under 14 yrs Junior International Championship.  Many top level disabled riders started serious competitive careers with Forrester, including multi Gold Medal Winning Para Olympian Natasha Jaconelli (nee Baker)

During his life, Forrester became an “Honorary Rotarian” a title given to him by the Gerrards Cross and Chalfont St Peter Rotary Club.   He was a once in a lifetime pony.  Such was his reputation that at very short notice he was requested as a substitute loan horse for a South African team rider competing in the International Paralympic Qualifying Competitions at Hartpury.  Despite his diminutive size, Forrester helped his rider to achieve a good accurate performance and qualify for the London 2012 Olympic Games!  A fantastic achievement for a 13.2hh New Forest Pony competing against serious dressage horses.

We said goodbye to him in September 2022.


Billy (Rainbow)

16hh Black, Welsh Cob Section D

Donated to South Bucks RDA by the Rainbow Children’s Trust in 2017.

Billy was a much loved member of the South Bucks team of Schoolmasters and a firm favourite with everyone with whom he came into contact.  He was the model, along with Bryony, who featured on the National RDA Handbook.  He gave confidence and great pleasure to so many people, whether riders or volunteers, and his passing has left a huge hole in our hearts.    We sadly said goodbye to him in July 2022.


Lambrusco III

Owned by the Paradressage Training Trust. Lambrusco joined us in 2006.  In 2008 he took part in the Beijing Paralympic Games with Sophie Christensen.  Together, they secured Sophie’s first Gold medal in Grade 1 para-dressage. He has also competed internationally with Ricky Balshaw  and helped countless RDA riders of all abilities.

He was voted RDA horse of the year watch his video below

We sadly said goodbye to him in November 2021.



Tru, an Icelandic pony joined us in 2014 with her owner Gem Hall, our Yard Manager.

Tru was a firm favourite with the smaller riders who found her  comfortable to ride compared to the other ponies, and with her thick Icelandic coat many participants had fun grooming her. We said good bye to her in June 2021.



Mickey,  a dark bay 16hh gelding was loaned to the group by the Haynes family. He was a very gentle horse, we said goodbye to him in January 2021.



Jo and Harley 2016

Harley joined SBRDA in 2016.  Harley is a lovable, weight carrying cob who became a firm favourite with many of the riders. He is now well established at Lambourn RDA Group.




Robin (Rebeen Red Robin)

Owned by SBRDA. Born 1998, 14.3hh Bay Gelding. He joined the group in 2014 when Southlands RDA group closed.  In 2016 he was lent to a Guatemalan rider for International Dressage.

In 2017 he won the RDA National Championship Grade 1 dressage competition with Jamie Winduss and Robin has also won the National RDA Championship Countryside Challenge with Joe Lawrence. Sadly we had to say goodbye to Robin in February  2020.


Socks – Socks joined the group as a 4-year-old and has spent a year in training.  She began to join in class lessons early in 2017 and was a firm favourite with some of the younger children. Being just a little wide for several of our diplegic riders, she left us in July 2020 to become a successful jumping pony for a private family.

As you can see, she is a very pretty pony and loves having her photo taken!



Yogi -Owned by the Drew Family. Yogi joined us in 2010.  He has taken many riders to the National Championships over the years.  Born  1995, 16hh Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding. Yogi had a great temperament and had a wonderful shape for those riders with tighter hip joints, the classic “A” frame.We sadly had to say goodbye to Yogi in January 2020.




Fable (Franks Fable) was born here at SBRDA in 1997 and trained here onsite. She was keen to know what is going on around her and used for group lessons.  She also loved taking her riders for hacks in the woods.






Libby sporting a trace clip


Libby joined the group in 2014 and returned to the New Forest in 2016






Horse’s Name With


born Colour/breed sex height Owner
Fair Trade (Legs)* 2011 2002 Bay G 16 Millnes-Coates
Taxi Dancer* 2011 2001 bay G 16 SBRDA
Mr Chips 2010-14 2000 Grey G 13.2 Gill
Santara Princess Anya (Anya) 2009-17 2003 Grey M 14 Dr. Heyward
Anya sporting a blanket clip

Anya sporting a blanket clip

Junior rider learning how to lead Anya

Junior rider learning how to learning how to lead Anya










Haleys Star (Star) 2009 1997 Chestnut

Section D Welsh cob

M 14 Australian Para Squad
Painted Affair (Scottie) 2006-16 1992 Skewbald G 16.2 Para Dressage Training Trust
Scottie in the field







Scottie was a dressage school master that enabled several Para Dressage hopefuls to learn more advanced riding. This included Erin Orford, who, in 2017 was part of the gold medal winning GB Team.

He was also at home in general RDA lead rein classes .

Tribal Indian (Indie) 2005-12 1991 Grey G 14.2 Barr
South Col (Harry) 2005-11 Grey G 16:3
Willoway Seasong 2005-7 Bay G 14 Eilberg
Martini Maybe (Baby) 2005-10 1991 Bay G 16 Tottman
Luke 2004 1990 bay G 16
Charlie Baker* 2004-5 Bay Warmblood G 15:3 Baker
Evensong (Evie)* 2004 Black Thoroughbred M 16 SBRDA
Charlie Girl 2003-17 1991 Chestnut Irish Draught M 16.3 Jackson
Barbarella 2002-2011 1980 Dun M 15 Goldsmith
Fizz* 2002-4 1997 Appaloosa Cob G 15 Kind
Billabong 2002-3 1990 Piebald Cob G 14.3
Bonnie 2001-15 1997 Blue Tobiano

Skewbald Cob

M 14.0 SBRDA


bonnie picBonnie 2012









Charlie 2001-09 Grey English Connemara G 15 SBRDA
Treacle Toffee 2001-07 1992 Dark Brown Dartmoor x G 13.2 St. Cyres
Mike 2001-02 1990 Bay Cob G 15.2 Hinkley
Blue* 2001 Grey Cob G Stone
Harry* 2001 Chestnut Thoroughbred G 16 Harris
Henry* 2001 1982 Bay G 14.3 Harris
Splash 2000-01 Piebald Cob G 14.00 Newman
Justin 2000-01 1989 Bay G 15.2 Keen
Ross 2000 Roan G 15:00
Patch 2000-09 1993 Skewbald G 14.00
Jester 2000-04 Chestnut Roan G 15
Whisperer* 1999-2002 1995 Bay Roan G 17 Goldsmith
Bramble 1999-2002 Bright Bay, Dartmoor G 13 Barrett
 Kitty* 1998 M 15.3 Cain
Fudge 1998-2006 Dun Connemara G 15 Brazier
Cassie* 1998-2000 Black Hanovarian X M 15 Pearson
Galley 1998-2002 Dun M 13.1
Lucan 1997-98 1978 Liver Chestnut M 14.2 Heappey
Merlin 1998 1992 Dark Bay, New Forest M 13.2
Legend 1995-2010 1985 Liver Chestnut M 15.1 SBRDA
George 1995-2009 1984 Skewbald G 14.3 Macintyre Group




George joined us in 1995 when the McIntyre group closed down. 





Queenie 1995-98 1980 Palomino M 14.3 Goldsmith
Magic 1994-2005 1975 Dark Bay Dartmoor G 12.2 Powell
Kismet 1994-95 Chestnut Arab G 14.3 Graham
Toby 1994-95 Grey G 14.3 Levan
Monty* 1993-2009 1984 Chestnut G 16 Tottman
Capability Brown* 1993 Dark Bay G 16.2 Cutcliffe
Conna 1993-99 1978 Dark Brown, Thoroughbred G 17.2 Milkins
Mallee 1993-99 1990 Piebald G 15 SBRDA
Rufus 1993-2003 1987 Bay New Forest G 14.1 Tolmie
Sparky 1992-94 Chestnut G 16.1 Croome
Shadow 1992-2003 1987 Blue Roan, Exmoor cross G 12.1 Monk
MacTavish 1992-2009 1984 Dun, Highland Pony G 14 SBRDA
Brando 1990-94 Chestnut G 15.1 Jackson
Snowy 1988-99 1978 Cremello Connemara G 13.2 SBRDA
Sam 1988-2004 1981 Bay, Section D Welsh Cob G 14.3 SBRDA
Harry 1988-91 Palamino G 14.2 SBRDA
Monty (Little) 1988-2000 1976 Bay G 13.2 SBRDA
Shally 1986-92 Chestnut G 14 Bavister
Shane 1986-92 Bay G 13.2 Maloney
Checkmate 1981-87 Skewbald G 15.2 Jonas
Playboy 1981-1995 1970 Grey G 13.2 Jonas
Trampas 1978-87 Brown G 14 Cohler
Splash 1977-93 Chestnut G 12.2 Newton
Halfpenny 1978-2001 1970 Skewbald G 14.1 SBRDA
Poppet 1978-81 Bay G 14.1 Gibb
Shamrock 1977-95 1962 Grey G 13.2 Ross
Cara 1976-92 Bay M 13.1 Laurence
Larry 1977-78 Bay G 14.2 SBRDA
Llewelyn 1976-78 Chestnut G 12.2 Jonas
Bonny 1975-77 Bay M 12.1 Howerd
Cherry 1975-76 Piebald M 12.1 Elsey
Berry 1973-87 Bay G 13.1 Bell
Butternut 1972 Dun G 15.1 Spencer
Brandy 1971-75 Bay G 14 Hooper
Cupid 1968-71 Piebald G 11.2 Liley
Cardinal 1967-69 Dun G 14 O’Meara
Sutty 1967-69 Brown G 13.1 Brazil
Kiwi 1967-69 Skewbald 14.3 Brazil
Catkin 1967-92 Dun G 11.2 Rowley
Polly 1966-67 Brown M 11.2 Bond
Jet 1966-67 Brown G 14.1 Power
Jenny 1965-1977 Chestnut M 14 Sheldon
Bucephalus 1965 Bay G 12.1 Brazil
Harlequin 1965 Bay G 12 Forestier Walker
Rainbow 1965 Skewbald G 11.3 Williams
Orange Pippin 1965-69 Roan M 11.2 Kaye
Fred 1965 Grey G 12.1 Lowther
Coco 1965-74 Black G 12 SBRDA
Crispin 1965-66 Grey G 14 Keen
Silver Toes 1965-80 Grey G 13.2 Williams